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Recycled faux fur – as soft as down

As humans, we crave the warmth, comfort, and affectionate embrace of others. Scientific studies reveal that cuddling with someone triggers the release of oxytocin, the hormone of love. Unfortunately, we don’t always have someone to cuddle with. Hence, it is only natural that we seek solace in soft and warm materials like fur. Our ancestors shared this inclination. They hunted not only for meat but also for fur, which often meant the difference between life and death due to its exceptional thermal properties. However, our evolved sense of empathy and awareness sets us apart from our ancestors. In a world with an 8-billion population, killing animals and skinning them for fur is barbaric. That’s why we have chosen to support the cruelty-free movement and search for high-quality alternatives to real fur.

Enter recycled plastic fur— recycling at its best.

Did you know that the majority of faux fur products available in the market, including blankets, pillows, rugs, and hood trims, are made from polyester or acrylic—essentially, plastic? The production of these materials exacts a severe toll on the environment. Manufacturers of faux fur may claim eco-friendliness by highlighting its non-animal origin, but the truth is that the production of plastics, including faux fur, indirectly contributes to the destruction of ecosystems and the ongoing extinction of species.

That’s why Respirit exclusively utilizes fur derived from recycled materials in its production, actively supporting the circular economy. However, recycling does not mean compromising on quality. On the contrary, we understand that for many people, the quality of fur remains a top priority, regardless of its origin. The fur products we offer not only align with genuine ecological practices but also boast the softest texture you have ever experienced!

Night Soul faux fur blanket from INSPIRED BY collection by Respirit crafted 100% from recycling sourced fabrics.

Fur alternatives made from plant fibers and other eco-friendly trends in the fashion industry.

The landscape of fashion is undergoing a transformation. The industry is becoming increasingly aware of the staggering amount of waste generated each year due to changing trends and consumer frenzy, particularly driven by fast fashion. Currently, the world consumes around 150 billion pieces of clothing annually. This figure is alarming, especially when we consider that it was four times smaller just two decades ago! This consumption model results in a truckload of clothing, which could have been reused at least partially, being discarded into landfills every second. Isn’t that frightening?

Leading the way in the fashion world, Stella McCartney introduced KOBA Free Fur in 2019, a fur made from Sorona Fiber, which contains 37% recycled plant-based materials. This fur not only saves animal lives but also has a greater positive impact on the planet. The production of KOBA Free Fur uses up to 30% less energy and generates up to 63% fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional synthetic materials.

Hermès, a renowned luxury leather goods manufacturer, has added a bag made of mycelium hyphae to its collection. This innovative fabric is created from a network of mycelium, which is then processed for pressing. The resulting material undergoes similar treatments to traditional calf leather, such as tanning and dyeing using eco-friendly paints. “The vision and values of MycoWorks reflect those of Hermès: a deep fascination with natural raw materials and their transformation, a commitment to excellence in maximizing the usefulness and longevity of objects,” says Pierre-Alexis Dumas, creative director of the esteemed French fashion house.

Other prominent brands that have recently abandoned the use of animal skins include Chanel, Gucci, Versace, Prada, Burberry, Armani, Hugo Boss, and Michael Kors. Chanel employs recycled materials for its perfume bottles, while Gucci launched a collection based on recycled materials in 2020. Versace has opened an eco-friendly boutique in Florida, operating in accordance with sustainable development principles. The global fashion industry as a whole acknowledges that taking action for the well-being of Mother Earth is an urgent priority. The scientific data supporting this cause is undeniable.

Truly ecological fur products

We are at the gates of the new. A lot now depends on us – on consumers. Respirit creates favorable conditions and supports socially responsible behavior. Environmental friendliness can become everyday life for every human being, not a unique and festive activity. Check out our beautiful, 100% recycled fur products from the reCOVER collection.

Night Soul faux fur blanket from INSPIRED BY collection by Respirit crafted 100% from recycling sourced fabrics.

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